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What You Should Know about a Luggage Locker

When storing your bags in a luggage locker in Rome, Lazio, while on vacation, there are some things you need to know.


You are not allowed to have certain things in your luggage. This includes cash, food or perishable goods, living animals or plants, waste, hazardous or flammable goods, illegal goods, contaminated, polluted or toxic goods, firearms or explosives, or radioactive material.



Usually, you agree to certain terms about storing your luggage and storage will begin at the time of the deposit and continue until you claim the baggage or the storage provider removes the bags after the maximum rental period has passed. You can't exceed the maximum storage period and this can vary by different luggage lockers. You may reclaim the bags at any time but not later than the maximum rental time. If you fail to reclaim your luggage then you may have more fees. If you get your bag early then usually a refund won’t be made.

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