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Should You Stow Your Bags or Ship Ahead?

If you have excess luggage on a trip, you will need to decide between stow your bag options and shipping ahead.


Luggage storage and stow your bag options can be useful for those who have a lot of luggage and don’t have a place to put it for a short period of time. This includes ff you need to leave your home or flat, or if you are a student at the end of the term. Stow your bag options are great for traveling and many offer flexible pricing structures. Many options also offer flexible storage periods and storage sizing. It helps to know if there will be any restricted access so you can be sure to get your bags.


Luggage shipping can be convenient and a low-cost option for those who need to transport luggage. Benefits include shipping and door-to-door collection and delivery. You will have to coordinate a time to pick up and deliver. No matter what you do with your luggage, it helps to plan ahead so you don’t have to deal with them when you get to the city.

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