Leave your luggage in our safe and convenient Deposit Facilities

The unique position of our Luggage Deposits offer our clients the possibility to spend their time without any rush and hands free!


We offer 2 Storage Formulas


Includes all day storage at a fixed price.
Price varies depending only on the luggage size


Includes Overnight Storage at a fixed price.
Price varies depending only on the luggage size and number of nights

Luggage Pick-up Service at your Hotel,
Apartment and more!!


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We offer our clients the ease of having their Luggage picked up at their Hotel or Apartment and have it delivered to our Deposits. At your convenience you will then come and claim your luggage. The service has an extra cost of € 3,99 per luggage piece.

Luggage Transport Pickup must be booked online in advance. To proceed with the Online Booking of your Luggage Transport & Deposit you will have to insert Address of Pickup, Date & Time, Client ID Information. You will then decide the length of your Deposit, and proceed with payment online, or if you desire you may choose the “Pay at the Deposit” option.

  • Pick-up could arrive within a +/- 5 min range from Booked Arrival Time
  • Client MUST wait for the arrival of the Pick-up at the Front Door of the Building
  • Client MUST show our Staff the Id Document used for the booking
  • No Extra Luggage will be accepted if not part of the booking
  • Payment will be due ONLY at Luggage claim at our Deposits, if you decided not to prepay online.
  • Once your luggage has been Picked Up you may come and claim it in the chosen Deposit and the chosen time.

The online booking procedure MUST be completed with a 2 hour advance notice. In case of Last Minute requests please contact us.

The Luggage Pickup service operates specifically in Rome’s City Center. If your Luggage Pickup Point is not in the authorised Range Area please fill the specific form on the booking page with all the information regarding luggage quantity, time and date of desired pickup, and address. We will try to do our best to reach you. In this case please consider at least 24 hr advance notice.