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How Luggage Deposit Works

Luggage deposit in Rome, Lazio, can be easy to use.


Some sites don’t require you to book ahead of time so you all you need to do is reach the deposit site. Once there, you can drop off your bags but ID documentation is required. Then you can enjoy the city hands-free. Take as much time as you need and come back whenever you want, as long as it’s before closing time. You then pick up your bags and payment is required at pick up. Both credit cards and cash are accepted.


There are different options for how long you need your luggage stored. You can do same-day pickup and leave your luggage all day during operating hours and this means the price will be fixed. You can also do a longer stay if needed and leave your bags at the luggage deposit for weeks or days at a time. There will be overnight fixed rates for every night your bags are kept.

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