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By using the storage facility and/or the luggage transport service, the Customer signs a contract with Capital Luggage Deposit Srl ( the Company ) and fully accepts the following Terms and Conditions.


Baggage: bags and suitcases of different sizes, clothing, accessories and / or the set of items carried by a traveler.

Customer: the person who drops off the baggage in one of the luggage deposits of the Company for a limited time period.

Luggage transportation service: upon request of the Customer and according to the availability of Capital Luggage Deposit Srl, the following additional services may be provided. a- door-to-door luggage pick-up to be booked online at; b- luggage transfer allowing the Customer to collect the baggage in a different deposit than the one where the delivery took place. The baggage transport service will be provided by the Company only according to the availability at time of the Customer’s request and is subject to an additional surcharge.

  1. The storage service provided consists of the safekeeping of the Customer's luggage/item by Capital Luggage Deposit Srl in its own deposits for a limited time period.

  2. Items containing inflammable material, perishable goods, including liquids, and any other item not permitted by the law and / or that due to their nature or packaging may cause any damage to humans, to the environment and / or to other luggage stored or transported, are strictly prohibited.

  3. By using the storage facility the Customer declares to be responsible for its content and agrees to indemnify Capital Luggage Deposit Srl in any case for damages, direct and/or indirect that may be caused by the luggage or by its content and / or by any item stored or transported, to himself and/or to third parties, for any claim, legal action and requests for compensation.

  4. The Customer acknowledges and accepts the right of Capital Luggage Deposit Srl to inspect the content of any item stored, as well as to refuse at its sole discretion, the storage of any item deemed as dangerous and / or of excessive size and / or of high economic value.

  5. The Customer is informed and accepts that the baggage stored by Capital Luggage Deposit Srl can be inspected by Police Authorities.

  6. Capital Luggage Deposit Srl will preserve all the stored and /or transported items; under no circumstance Capital Luggage Deposit Srl will be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may result from the storage and / or from the luggage transport, with the only exception for intentional damages or malpractice of the Company and / or staff members.

  7. The baggage stored can not have a total value higher than €200 including its content. It is acknowledged and agreed by the Customer that Capital Luggage Deposit Srl is not responsible and can not be held liable for any damaged or missing items with a total value exceeding € 200.

  8. The liability of Capital Luggage Deposit Srl for consequential damages to the Customer and/or to third parties is excluded in all circumstances.

  9. In any case, the liability of Capital Luggage Deposit Srl is limited to € 200 for each piece of baggage (including the contents) and / or item stored.

  10. The prices for the luggage storage facility and for the transport service may vary depending on the size of the each piece of luggage and on the time period of the storage.

  11. The Customer at the time of the luggage drop off at the deposit will be required to provide his / her ID and telephone number, failing which, the storage can not be accepted by the Company. The Customer is also required to inform the staff at the deposit about the pick-up date and time.

  12. The Customer agrees to provide his / her personal data and authorises the staff at the deposit who will be checking-in the baggage, to photocopy or scan the personal ID, for the sole purpose of the service completion. That ID copy as an attachment to the luggage registration paper form or digital file, will be handed back to the Customer or deleted from our database at time of luggage collection. The ID copy will be not filed by Capital Luggage Deposit Srl if not for the time between the luggage drop off and the collection of the luggage by the Customer.

  13. The collection and processing of personal data provided will take place in compliance with the laws and regulations on the protection of personal data pursuant to EU Reg. no. 16/679 (GDPR) and to the Italian adjustment legislation pursuant to Legislative Decree no. n. 101/2018 containing amendments to Legislative Decree no. n. 196/2003. The personal data provided will be processed with manual and automated tools exclusively by Capital Luggage Deposit Srl and / or by external professionals / consultants for the fulfilment of legal obligations and for the protection and exercise of contractual rights and will not be transferred to third parties. The Data Controller is Capital Luggage Deposit - Viale Parioli 41 - Rome in the person of its legal representative.

  14. Capital Luggage Deposit Srl will provide the Customer a printed identification receipt for the return of the luggage that will be possible even temporarily, within daily closing time.

  15. In the event of a long-term baggage deposit Capital Luggage Deposit Srl, at its sole discretion, may transfer and store that luggage in one of its deposits in the area, ensuring its presence back at the original delivery deposit on the day/ time indicated by the Customer for the withdrawal. Any requirements for an early pick up must be notified by the Customer at In no case will a refund be provided in the event of early withdrawal.

  16. In case of loss of the receipt by the Customer, he/she must provide to the staff at the deposit the same ID used at time of luggage registration in order to match the personal data. In case of discrepancies with the original ID provided, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that Capital Luggage Deposit Srl will not be able to return any luggage claimed.

  17. The Customer agrees that any further verification of the ownership may be carried out by the staff only after the deposit closing time; Capital Luggage Deposit Srl and its employees will have no obligation for any consequences including direct and/or indirect damages to the Customer and/or to third parties.

  18. In the event of non-collection of the luggage by the Customer within the deposit closing time, the Company will store the luggage for the next 30 days, with the related charges of the daily price, after which the luggage will be destroyed.

  19. In the event of theft / loss / damage of the stored luggage, the Customer may request a specific complaint form to be filled out in duplicate at the deposit in presence of one of the staff members and to be sent to the email address with the probative pictures of the damage. Complaints will not be accepted after the luggage has been collected, nor any form of refund will be paid in advance by the staff.

  20. Capital Luggage Deposit Srl is not responsible for any loss of flights, trains or other means of transport, appointments or other opportunities of any kind.

  21. Capital Luggage Deposit Srl, will not be held liable in case of non-fulfilment of any of its obligations due to force majeure (such as, but not limited to, natural events, fires, strikes, demonstrations, terrorist acts, criminals acts of third parties such as thefts, robberies, fires, etc.) and in any case from circumstances not depending on the control of the Company.

  22. Online Bookings Refund Policy - There is no refund in case of traveler cancellation.

  23. Capital Luggage Deposit Srl reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.

  24. The contract for the luggage storage facility and luggage transport service is regulated by the Italian law and the Court of Rome will have exclusive jurisdiction. In the event of a dispute, the Italian version of the Terms & Conditions will prevail.


Last updated on September 28th 2020

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