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Luggage Pick-Up at your Hotel or Airbnb

Dont want the hassle of reaching our Deposit?

Choose our additional Luggage Pick-Up Service at your Hotel or Airbnb.

We will pickup your luggage and store it at our Termini Station Deposit. You will then come and pick it up at your own convenience.

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€ 9,99/bag

+ standard storage fee € 5,00/bag

  • Online Booking Mandatory

  • 30 minute advance booking required

  • Client must meet & hand the luggage to our transporter in person at street level of the indicated address. 

  • Luggage cannot be handed to our transporter by other people (ex. Hotel Staff)

  • Luggage will be picked up only at street level. No pickup will take place inside buildings.

  • No extra luggage will be accepted by our transporter if not indicated in the online booking.

  • Service operates in all of Rome's City Center, Trastevere Area, Vatican Area. Please contact us before booking if you are unsure if your location is served.


Need more info? Contact Us or visit or FAQ's


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